Chainsaw Safety Training - Intermediate Level

Event Date: 12/13/2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Event Overview
Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association
Rhinelander, Wisconsin


This course is intended for participants who have completed the basic chainsaw training.  This course involves more hands- on training, reading pressure, more practice on limbing and bucking techniques as well as additional felling practice.

    • Refresher on body mechanics and proper body positioning
    • Refresher on PPE
    • Chainsaw safety feature overview
    • Hands-on chainsaw sharpening in the field
    • Proficient use of wedges
    • Proper tree felling evaluations
    • Spring pole demonstration and proper spring pole cutting techniques
    • Proficient use of the bore cut
    • More field time demonstrations

Each person must come to class prepared to cut wood.  This means wearing proper PPE, which includes chainsaw chaps/pants, hard hat with visor and/or safety glasses, gloves, protective toe boots (cut resistant if available) and hearing protection, a chainsaw in proper working order (make sure chainsaw is sharp), and fuel/bar oil for the saw.


NOTE: Students should have completed basic chainsaw training prior to this class