Chainsaw Safety Training - Beginner Level

Event Date: 7/15/2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Event Overview
Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Open to Anyone in Forest Industry and/or General Public

Location: Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association - Rhinelander, WI  

$145 per person to attend.  Space is limited!

Every precaution to keep participants healthy & safe will be taken.  

Please register online OR complete this  Chainsaw Open Enrollment Registration.pdf 

Feel free to contact the FISTA office with any questions: 715-282-4979 or


This chainsaw course is for people with little to no chainsaw experience.  We will be covering the following areas in chainsaw safety and operation.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Chainsaw features
  • Reactive forces of the chainsaw
  • Safe use of the chainsaw
  • Introduction to daily maintenance - how to properly maintain your saw and address problems you may accrue with the saw
  • The Bore Cut
  • Hinge establishment and importance in tree felling
  • Open Face Notch
  • Evaluation before felling and hazards
  • 45-degree exit plan
  • Spring pole evaluation and how to handle them
  • Limbing and bucking techniques
  • Each person must come to class prepared to cut wood.  This means wearing the proper PPE, which includes chainsaw chaps/pants, hard hat with full visor and/or safety glasses, gloves, protective toe boots (cut resistant if available), and hearing protection, a chainsaw in proper working order, and fuel/bar oil for the chainsaw. 

*Lunch is NOT provided - Please bring your own.*