Forestry Transportation 

Event Date: 1/1/2022 - 12/28/2022 11:59 PM

Online Course

Course Overview

Team Safe Trucking (TST) has developed FREE Online Forestry Transportation training materials specifically tailored for forestry transportation professionals.   When you create a free account with TST, you will have access to these online classes.  Each class ranges in length from 15 - 30 minutes and includes interactive videos and quizzes. Once your account is created you can log in anytime to view and complete these classes.   

To receive SFI Continuing Education credit using TST's online materials, you must successfully complete 4 hours of training AND at least 8 of these classes.  (The length of each class may vary by user, which is why both time and number of classes are determining factors for SFI credit.)

IF you want to receive SFI credit, you must notify the FISTA office after completing these requirements.  The FISTA office will not give credit unless you specifically request it. You need to provide your full name, a list of the classes you completed and $35 to the FISTA office to receive SFI Credit.  *SFI credit approval is subject to the Wisconsin SIC Training & Education Committee review.* 

To enter TST's training site, create your account and access the FREE Online Forestry Transportation Training CLICK HERE

MOBILE FRIENDLY!   Great training option when waiting in line at the mill!  To view this training from your mobile device, download the Talentlms app.  On an iphone – go to the app store and search Talentlms  On an android – go to google play and search Talentlms  Enter the domain name: teamsafe   Log in using your username & password and you can complete training courses from your mobile device.